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welcome to kunstkompas

We want to give everyone the opportunity to experience the joy of creativity and togetherness. Kunstkompas is a place where you grow, are challenged and find your direction in a community. Regardless of whether you are a child, adult or extra adult

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I samarbejde med Vejle Kommune laver vi disse skøre, seje og sjove kurser for børn i sommerferien. Læs mere og book på Vejle Kommunes hjemmeside


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Voksen | EXPAT

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Hjælp os med at få kreativiteten til

at gro og blomstre. 

kr. 100,-

Pengene går udelukkende til materialer.  

Du er støtte medlem i et år.

Du får:

- Dit navn på vores væg i et år.

- Et knus hvis du vil have det.

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 Welcome to Kunstkompas– The Heart of Creativity and Community in Vejle

Discover a place where art and community meet to create magic. At ArtCompass, we believe that art is not just for the few – it's for everyone. From finger painting by kindergarten children to the deep brush strokes of our older members, every line tells a story of growth, discovery, and community.

 For Children and Parents: A World of Creative Expression

Give your children a gift that lasts a lifetime – the joy of creation. Our afternoon activities and Saturday workshops offer a playground for imagination, where children can explore, create, and learn in a safe, supportive environment. Watch them grow with every drawn line, every clay figure, every thread pulled.

 For Adults: Explore and Express

Art is a lifelong journey. Whether you're young at heart or have decades of life experience, Kunstkompas has something for you. From digital tools to traditional techniques – dive into new skills or refine those you already love in our workshops and courses.

 Collaboration and Community: Together, We Create More

In the heart of Vejle, we build bridges through art. At Kunstkompas, we support personal development and community engagement through art, collaborating with local institutions and offering a space for all city residents, where creativity and fellowship are central. Our door is always open to new ideas, partnerships, and community projects. Together, we create an environment where every brush stroke and every creative idea contributes to shaping a stronger, more connected society.

 Become Part of Kunstkompas

Are you curious? Do you want to be part of our creative community? Visit us and see how you can contribute, learn, and grow with us. Kunstkompas is more than an art school; it's a community center, where every member contributes to Vejle's flourishing creativity.

 Take the Step: Explore, Create, Grow!

Art awaits you. Take the step into a world where creativity knows no bounds, and where the community strengthens every individual. Welcome to Kunstkompas – your place for artistic expression and community in Vejle. Are you ready to explore your creativity and contribute to the community? Join our community today – contact us, or even better - drop by!


Vi <3 samarbejder
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